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The FLYY Movement


The FLYY Movement started on October 7, 2007 at The Women’s Expo. Sistah Anyangō was preparing to do a Zumba® demo and was handed the mic to introduce herself. “Freedom to Love the You in You” came out of her mouth, and FLYY was born. From 2007 to the present, FLYY has helped hundreds of women and her relations find community, explore their passion and purpose, and find their way to live their authentic selves. It has never been an option to stop; always an opportunity to grow, shift, expand. FLYY has grown from FLYY Fitness, LLC to FLYY Fitness Healing & the Arts, to now, The FLYY Movement! The future holds The Asantewaa Healing Gardens which will be a retreat site that houses a space for movement, but also creates areas for meditation and reflection, gathering spaces, walking trails and more.

What does FLYY stand for?

Freedom to Love the You in You

FLYY Mission

Our mission is to help women 40 years and older find opportunities to empower themselves while supporting their community.

FLYY Vision

Creating Experiences to Create Change

What are your services?

We offer Empowerment Freedom Coaching, Fitness and Movement Experiences, Speaking Engagements, and Wellness Workshops. Click here for more information about our services.  

Who would benefit from your offerings?

- Women and their families

- Places of Worship

- Civic Organizations/sororities

- Anyone with a desire for community, to explore their passion and purpose

- Workplace Wellness for business

- Creating communities of change within for profits and non-profits

- Executive Team Coaching, staff retreats and team building

- Schools, colleges and universities

Do I have to know how to dance to attend your movement classes?

No! You always have a two step! Just move and have fun!

Do I have to be fit to attend your BodyLove class?

No! You can modify and will gain strength as you go.

How do I become part of The FLYY Movement?

Contact us to inquire about any of our services or to attend any of our classes/events.​

Where are you located?

We dance at The Fred Astaire Studio, located at 141 South Street (Unit F), West Hartford, Connecticut. We also offer live Zoom dance sessions.


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